PET-English goes digital

Of course, this year’s PET was affected by the COVID-19 virus just like everything else, here is how it went.
Instead of coming in every three weeks we were able to have a videoconference every week! This was very helpful and made it a lot easier to learn everything.
After we had to switch to online learning our teacher Mrs. Denecke created an online Mebis course for us, which included writing, listening and speaking exercises. These exercises were well structured and understandable if you paid attention in class.
The speaking part is the most important part to me personally, since the ability to have conversations in English is very valuable in a lot of situations. But writing and reading is important, nonetheless.
Even though we were in a situation like this the lessons were fun and easy to understand if you have basic understanding of the English language.
I for one think this course was very helpful in preparing us for the PET-exam.
The exam itself is quite useful as well!
A huge thank you goes to our teacher Mrs. Denecke! She put up with the hardships during this time and was able to create a good learning space outside of our normal school day.
Not only does the preparation help you get better but when you pass the test and get the certificate you can put it into your applications, thus prove your English knowledge and it might even help you with being accepted to a job.
So basically, if you want to improve your English or are very confident that you could pass an exam like this, there should be nothing holding you back from joining this class!

For further information have a look at our website:

Ronja Dyck, class 9e
Nadine Denecke (Wahlunterricht PET)